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I trust Matteo, I’ve recommended him to 10 of my colleagues and friends and I’ve found working with him extremely valuable.
I run an ambitious firm and it’s difficult to find a coach that is able to both deliver on a great coaching experience and ‘get’ the kind of high pressure / high aims environment we’re in, I definitely recommend him to other executives. That’s one of the most difficult demographics you can work with so, beyond that, Matteo is probably a great fit for most people.

Two years of working together created incremental changes in many areas that, as a whole, have made me a more effective leader, conversation partner, feedback giver & receiver, challenger, and a more effective coach to others I support. There’s definitely been a big change in me and my ability to communicate with Radical Candour while having a deeper understanding of myself, my relationships, and a powerful toolbox of techniques and mental models.

An element that’s been highly supportive, unlike other coaching I’ve had in the past, is the strong commitment and accountability structure that provides excellent scaffolding for deeper reflection and action taking.

In addition, Matteo is an excellent listener and makes sure everyone feels understood, whether in 121 or group sessions. He does a fantastic job of intervening at crucial moments of the conversation to make it more effective, and he’s kind in the process. He manages to help people expand their awareness without them feeling small in any way. I’ve had an awesome experience."

Jan Lyn-Matern

Founder & Partner, at Emerge Education Ventures

Jan Testimonial
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I’ve had several mentors, coaches, and personal development over the last 25 years. What’s different about Matteo’s coaching is how specific it goes into your psychology and what you uniquely bring to the world. It’s that deeper understanding of yourself that leads to improved outcomes versus the good (but not as deep) experiences I’ve before. The process with Matteo is relaxed, thought-provoking, challenging and ultimately rewarding.

Working with him has accelerated business outcomes. It has deepened the relationship between myself and my business partner, and we have gone further than we would have on our own because of our improved ability to work synergistically. We are now stronger at seeing the 1+1=3.

I would recommend Matteo to a wide variety of people because his approach is tailored to the individual. That breadth is unique and refreshing.

Nic Newman


Emerge Education Ventures

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I always looked forward to our sessions and I achieved a lot of growth in just 6 months. Everybody should give it a go, it’s very powerful.

My view of myself has changed quite significantly in just 6 months and I would have never thought that possible. The coaching we did together has changed my entire trajectory, I’m taking more calculated risks, I got promoted and things are going in the direction they need to go.

There’s been real growth in my team too as I started using a coaching approach to empower them. I’ve been able to free myself up from the day to day and work more strategically.

What’s unique is Matteo was able to support deeper thinking. I work with 150 people so I don’t really need to pay to get ‘yet another point of view’, whereas very few people have the ability to make me challenge my own view (and he was able to do this without ever feeling judged).”

Elisabeth Doppelhofer

Head of Services at Adecco Group


I 100% met my goals. Matteo's coaching has helped me work through an important life transition rebalancing work and life priorities. It has helped me effectively reflect on important underlying factors which have deeply influenced my behavior and mindset since childhood. I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own without working with an expert coach like Matteo. Coaching is more effective than self-reflection because I can get an independent viewpoint on highly subjective issues.


Dr. Keyun Ruan

Head of Security, Risk & Compliance, Author at Alphabet

Matteo is an excellent coach - he was very flexible in working out how to manage coaching conversations to deliver maximum value to me during our coaching sessions. He equipped me with a number of tools to make me better able to manage the challenges of leading a fast growing business. I would recommend him to other CEOs and leaders.

Aron Gelbard

CEO at Bloom&Wild

Matteo is a great transformation coach. I felt that I was given the space and time to reflect and really look within myself. The sessions allowed me to assess my thoughts and feelings and where and why I had certain behaviour patterns. I felt comfortable to open up and express my true self as we had great rapport. He is able to ask and pick up on what needed attention as I spoke and that resulted in me being able to go deeper into certain issues.


Public Speaker, TV Producer & Host


Working with Matteo has been helpful and motivating in both developing my weaknesses and improving my strong points further. The sessions were high paced, focused and hands-on with recommendations on further readings, podcasts and exercise. Would recommend anyone to work with him if you're open to change your habits and behaviours in service of being a better leader.


Associate Principal at Open Society Foundation 

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