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Leadership Coaching



Co-Founders Dynamic Coaching

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I’ve had several mentors, coaches, and personal development over the last 25 years. What’s different about Matteo’s coaching is how specific it goes into your psychology and what you uniquely bring to the world. It’s that deeper understanding of yourself that leads to improved outcomes versus the good (but not as deep) experiences I’ve before. The process with Matteo is relaxed, thought-provoking, challenging and ultimately rewarding.

Working with him has accelerated business outcomes. It has deepened the relationship between myself and my business partner, and we have gone further than we would have on our own because of our improved ability to work synergistically. We are now stronger at seeing the 1+1=3.

I would recommend Matteo to a wide variety of people because his approach is tailored to the individual. That breadth is unique and refreshing.

Nic Newman


Emerge Education Ventures

Leadership Coaching

Even the best CEOs will manage a constant mix of intense fundraising, board misalignment, team turnover,  miscommunication, and conflict, amongst much else. Whether you thrive, or survive, will depend on both your skills and on your 'patterns of thinking', the "Operating System" through which you make sense of the world.


Together we’ll unpick your patterns in a safe, unbiased container. We’ll challenge these patterns, reshape them, and create entirely new ones where appropriate, in order to take you to the next level of leadership. Whether it’s improving communication, developing your vision & mission, or enhancing resilience in the face of impossible choices, coaching can support you to grow through every obstacle.

Do you know the best thing about startups?


You only ever experience two emotions: euphoria and terror. And I find that lack of sleep enhances them both.”

— Marc Andreessen, Co-founder of Netscape 
Leadership coaching

Matteo is an excellent coach - he was very flexible in working out how to manage coaching conversations to deliver maximum value to me during our coaching sessions. He equipped me with a number of tools to make me better able to manage the challenges of leading a fast growing business. I would recommend him to other CEOs and leaders.

Aron Gelbard

CEO at Bloom&Wild


360° Feedback

The higher up we go the harder it can be to get honest, relevant, constructive feedback. Even at our friendliest, our mere status as leaders can mean feedback is held back.

I can support you and your startup in three ways:​


360° Process

I'll interview the 3-7 people closest to you. This might include your direct reports, peers, and anyone you report to. I then anonymise and summarise themes / learnings before debriefing you. This is usually followed by ~3 sessions of coaching to support any changes.



I can observe you in your 'natural habitat' and provide reflections on interactions/patterns we could work on, along with tools for different approaches.


Team training

Team training on feedback models, and how to create a strong feedback culture.

360 feedbck

I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Matteo. He has a great ability to build trust and confidence. Each session included number of practical examples and role plays. It’s opened my eyes to how to use range of techniques and approaches to deal with challenging issues to achieve good outcomes.

Alastair Tyler

International Director at The London Institute of Banking & Finance 

Co-founders coaching

Co-Founders Dynamic Coaching

A business marriage can be an intense relationship! You are the core engine of the start-up, and the strength of your relationship will inevitably reflect on business performance.


This coaching is focused on:​

Optimising your co-leadership 

Surfacing any blockages that are holding you back

Developing and aligning an aspiring vision

Conflict resolution

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