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We’ll unpick your patterns, challenge, reshape, and create new ones to take your leadership to the next level.




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The strength of your business marriage will inevitably reflect on business performance.

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Whether as coach or trainer, I've worked with leaders in multinational organisations, government, NGOs, and startups spanning Series A to D.

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I 100% met my goals. Matteo's coaching has helped me work through an important life transition rebalancing work and life priorities. It has helped me effectively reflect on important underlying factors which have deeply influenced my behavior and mindset since childhood. I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own without working with an expert coach like Matteo. Coaching is more effective than self-reflection because I can get an independent viewpoint on highly subjective issues.


Dr. Keyun

Head of Security, Risk & Compliance, Author at Alphabet

Hi! Matteo here...

I mix a background in physics with expertise in coaching, wellbeing, and leadership communication to support you in becoming an unstoppable force for positive change.


My approach is both analytical and creative, integrating a breadth of evidence-based approaches to best shape the coaching for your situation.

An international life and a couple of near death experiences further add to the multiplicity of lenses we can bring to our work.

Working with Matteo has been helpful and motivating in both developing my weaknesses and improving my strong points further. The sessions were high paced, focused and hands-on with recommendations on further readings, podcasts and exercise. Would recommend anyone to work with him if you're open to change your habits and behaviours in service of being a better leader.


Associate Principal at Open Society Foundation